Tuscany Pavers also offers a premium line of artificial turf. Click Here to see Turf Photo Gallery

Enjoy a beautiful, green lawn year-round without the cost and hassles of traditional lawn maintenance. And with ground preparation being very similar to the process used for pavers, it makes artificial grass the perfect affordable complement to a new patio or driveway.

Benefits of Turf:

-  Save Water & Save Money
-  Safe for children
-  Great for pets
-  Easy and Affordable
-  No chemicals or fertilizers needed
-  A great complement to a paver patio or driveway

Tuscany Pavers uses the latest synthetic grass technology to provide you with a durable, water-wise, economical lawn that looks and feels like real grass –
great for both families and pets.

So put your lawn mower away, lower your water bill and enjoy green grass throughout the year.